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Meditation 84 – Soar higher than an Eagle

We have all been given a promise of wealth and prosperity in this world. The best thing about this promise is the way it has been given.


When we make promises to each other we look into the future and say we will fulfil this or that obligation. However when God makes a promise he speaks as though the promise has already been fulfilled. God has promised us that we are love and has given us life – the opportunity to experience ourselves as love. 

When we traverse through life it is our perception of what we are experiencing that determines the lessons that we draw from it and how these lessons go on to shape and mould our character. Through our experiences some may choose to embrace their spirituality and some may reject it. 

Life is all about the truth that your spirit has come here to experience. Take that first step to making your truth so mesmerising that life becomes like the flight of an eagle, in spite of its peaks and troughs you soar, glide, are exhilarated, alert, energised and free.

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