Meditation 19 – Salt and Light

The bible is a spiritual message. It talks about the spirit within us. It tells us how the spirit within us must be.

When you build up awareness of the spirit of God within you, you are like one who eats a glove of garlic, you begin to change from within and the evidence of these changes pours out through every pore. People will feel and sense it. To those whose lives are entrenched in partial truth you will become unpalatable because they will not understand the light that shines within you. You will become abhorrent to them because they will not be able to reconcile themselves to your truth. If your truth is to speak louder than words you must become purified by the spirit within and remain purified. This is what the bible refers to as being salty and remaining salty. Your doctrine must be sharp and remain sharp. You must not allow the truths you learn through the experience of meditation to be watered down by logic. The bible teaches us that the truth once found can be lost through neglect. A purified mind and body needs to be maintained and developed through sharpening your meditation experience.

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