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Meditation 61 – A Spiritual Message

Jesus was talking to his disciples about spiritual things and yet they could only see things in terms of the physical flesh.

‘You do not have in mind the things of God, but the things of men.’

Matthew 16:23

We receive a mixed inconsistent message from the bible because we have our minds firmly fixed on satisfying the needs of our physical being. We need to see the bible as a guide for the development of the spirit, which in turn benefits the physical body.    If we are to reap the abundant benefits that awareness of the spirit gives us, we must follow in the same footsteps as Jesus. We must deny the flesh and cater for the development of the spirit. We lay down the life of the flesh. We renounce the flesh in order to give life to the spirit. This world is there for one purpose only, so that through it each of us can find out the truth. It is there to make you recall who you are, so that you can then achieve fulfilment. The truth is there for your taking, it’s within easy grasp, but it’s up to you when you choose to stop experiencing everything that you are not and start the journey to experiencing everything that you are.

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