Meditation 13 – Trusting in God and getting to know him anew

Trusting in God and getting to know him anew.

Start anew; boldly create a new slate or a blank piece paper on which to document your relationship with God. Allow God the opportunity to introduce himself to you again as a total stranger. Get rid of pictures, statues, monuments, all preconceived notions and search for him within yourself. Remove all barriers of false impression and allow him to unfold the wonders of who he is to you. You are not looking to religious establishments to give you the truth. You are taking responsibility for your own spirituality. You are taking responsibility for purifying your mind, your body and your soul. No one can do this for you. We are looking within ourselves for the answer. That is where the truth and the answers to everything have been safely stored since the beginning of time.


Meditation as a form of worship utilises one hundred percent of our concentration and fully satisfies the commandment of worshiping the lord your God with all your heart, mind and soul.


Prayer is just a symbol of how one day we will all communicate with God directly. Prayer is to tell us that we must talk to our father and rely on him. We must look to him for direction. It is to make us remember that in reality the only way is through meditation an experiential technique that takes commitment, dedication and trust, leading to a direct connection with the spirit. No words can communicate what is on our hearts. We have said nothing, but we come back from meditation strengthened, clear minded, happier and at peace.

Meditation is a means of clearing your mind and giving your full awareness and concentration over to the worship of God for you are denying the power of the flesh and acknowledging fully the power of the spirit within you.


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