Meditation 12 – Movement from darkness into light

Movement from darkness into the light.

Our lives are comparable to movement from one extreme of a spectrum to another.

The extreme left representing our existence in darkness – this is our existence without spiritual awareness, without knowledge of the power contained within us. During this time in our lives we look to satisfy the yearnings of the body through external things around us. We are in a state of flux constantly testing good and bad to ascertain who we are. During this time our bodies dictate to our minds our reality. We are not accountable for the things we do in this unconscious state. Out of a yearning for a more satisfying means of existence we at some point are propelled to look within ourselves for answers to our dilemmas and it is at this point that we discover the power within or develop a spiritual awareness of ourselves. It is from this point onwards that we forge our destinies and follow in the footprints of our higher selves. We make a choice as to how we harness and use the power within. We can use if for its true purpose which is to serve our creator or we can use it for ourselves.

All too often we see people who have intellectually mastered the contents of the bible, reading it over and over again using complicated philosophical methods of analysis to break its code. The chest containing the bible’s hidden treasure is not something to be plundered with a physical key. The key to unlocking the secrets of the bible’s message is simply achieved through consciousness of the spirit and choosing to use it one hundred percent for the worship of God.

The bible cannot be understood from a point of view of pure intellect or from the point of view of another. The truth of the bible is only revealed through experiencing the presence of the spirit within us. The truth of the message of the bible is understood through an open loving heart, not the mind.


‘At that time Jesus said ‘I praise you, Father, Lord of Heaven and earth, because you have hidden these things from the wise and learned and revealed them to little children, yes, Father, for this was your good pleasure.’

Matthew 11 25-26

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