Meditation 16 – Steps to Spiritual growth – Fasting.

Jesus set aside time, cut off from society and distraction in order to observe his truth. He denied the demands of the physical body changing his focus from external to internal with purpose and direction. He demonstrated that fasting should be an act of relinquishing our hold on previously acquired wisdom and that in which it is founded. Fasting is the act of opening our minds to the possibility of an alternative source of energy or wisdom. It is not about blindly cutting off the only means of sustenance that the body knows in order to observe the effects or forcing the body into submission until a new reality unfolds. It’s about plugging the body into an alternative means of sustenance and watching how much more effectively the body performs on this new found energy. Jesus fasted for 40 days and 40 nights, he lived on every word that comes from the mouth of God. He lived on food for the spirit.

Typically the period of time before one becomes aware of an alternative spiritual reality is characterised by a starving desire for the truth. You are starving for the truth in the sense that, you have been through life’s trials, tribulations and hazards; just like being in a desolate desert. You have sought comfort in all things external to you and seek an alternative more powerful truth. When you come into the light after being lost, blind or totally unconscious of the spirit you are like a candle that is suddenly lit in a dark room, it takes but a gust of wind to snuff it out. Special effort is required to make spiritual guidance a permanent feature in your life so that it roars like an open fire rather than a fragile flame.

Outside influences and opinions are all too ready to dispel your new found reality as a myth. It’s all too easy to give in abandoning your journey so that the cobwebs grow back over your eyes. When you find out the truth it is like cleaning out your house, but your house must have solid foundations and the vacant space within must be filled with an awareness of the power within yourself.

When you become conscious of the spirit, you have a choice as to whether you use the power within to gather or to scatter. It is for you to take on the responsibility of reducing your contribution to the collective pool of negative sensations. It is your responsibility to reduce sin and harmful action to ourselves and others. You see your strengths and weaknesses with more clarity, your individual talent for what it is.

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