Peace 4

Meditation 3a – Forgotten Perfection

Meditation 3a - Forgotten Perfection

In the beginning we were all connected. The force connecting us was love. It was constant, never changing pure and endless. It was God in us, surrounding us and connecting us like the internet with everyone having a web connection. The energy flow was of the purest type sourced by one God who:-

  • Rejoiced in the truth
  • Did not delight in evil
  • Always persevered
  • Kept no record of our wrongs
  • Did not easily anger
  • Was patient
  • Was not proud
  • Was not rude
  • Did not envy
  • Did not boast
  • Was not self seeking
  • Always hoped
  • Always trusted
  • Always protected

We were deceived made to think that we could stand alone, that we could get our energy from a different source, that we could exist separate from each other. We were deceived into thinking that we could pursue a life that benefited the individual first and everyone else second. We were not getting our energy from God anymore. We were like leaves on a tree claiming to be able to survive separate from the tree.

Eventually no one was getting there energy from God and we had forgotten who we were. We were operating as individuals, stealing energy from each other, fighting at every level. We had a new motto for living.

  • No longer rejoicing in the truth
  • Delighting in evil
  • Never persevering
  • Keeping a record of other’s wrongs
  • We were easily angered
  • Lacking in patience
  • Proud
  • Rude
  • Envious
  • Boastful
  • Self seeking
  • Without hope
  • Without trust
  • Selfishly protecting our own interests

There is now no unity of mind. We are materialistic out to destroy ourselves and everything around us.

We have to engage with God again, be in touch with the true source of energy. We must develop the qualities of the spirit. We must keep our cups full of the correct type of energy and not allow it to be emptied by the wrong type of energy. We must remain conscious of the spirit within us so that we act out of a place of love always.

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