Meditation 1d – The Vipassana Technique – Day 1-3

The Vipassana Technique - Day 1 - 3

Day 1-3

We practised a respiration awareness exercise, increasing one’s consciousness of the natural breath, through patient, calm observation.

We were reconditioning the mind, imposing mastery over it, reining it in from wondering aimlessly through memories, hopes and fears. We were practising bringing ourselves into complete consciousness of the present moment, complete consciousness of our being in the here and now devoid of aversion or craving. I found that through concentrating on my breath at the point of entrance and exit through my nostrils, I was able to calm and relax every area of my body. The more relaxed and tranquil my body the quieter my breath, until it was barely noticeable, which automatically forced me to sharpen my focus. After a great deal of effort and practice I was able to empty my mind completely of all thought processes. You realise that you are using the mind in this sharpened state of concentration to penetrate beyond apparent reality. It brought me to the realisation that I was not simply mind. It is this state of deep concentration that lays the foundation for us to truly listen, to truly watch and to truly feel.


In order to become aware of our true state of being and to become conscious of the power within we have to give ourselves the correct tools and technique to uncover the truth. The bible refers to this inner search for peace and harmony as Asking, Seeking and Knocking (Mathew 7:7) and our inability to break through the illusion that we are simply mind and body as ‘ever seeing but never perceiving, ever hearing but never understanding. (Mark 4:11-12). It is only with the correct tools that we break down the barriers to discovering the power within that the bible speaks so clearly of.

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