Meditation 1e – The Vipassana Technique – Day 4-6

Vipassana Meditation Technique - Day 4-6

Day 4-6         

During the next few days we devoted out time to the observation of reality within oneself. It takes the form of observing in a systematic but dispassionate way the physical sensations within one’s body. This dispassionate form of observation brings one to the conclusion that nothing is permanent and like sensations they simply rise and pass away or rise and change their form. It is simply our mindset that fuels and gives power to each sensation that we experience within our bodies. It is our reaction to everything that we come into contact with through our many senses that gives rise to a variety of sensations, accumulated pain and suffering over time.


Objectively observing one’s sensations enables one to alter the conditioned mind set of aversion and craving. In order to realise who we are we must accept that all situations and experiences must co-exist, whether we define them as good or bad. It is our ability to simply observe a sensation with equanimity and a balanced mind that opens the door to the realisation that we can neither be overwhelmed nor controlled by our body. I came to the realisation that I am not mind or body but I am of a higher state. We occupy the body and the body through lack of control over the mind gives us a false sense of who we are.

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