Meditation 1f – The Vipassana Technique – Day 7- 10

Vipassana Meditation Technique - Day 7-10

As I practiced the meditation technique I experienced pleasant and unpleasant sensations in varying intensities, but the whole idea is that we are teaching ourselves not to react. It is like a fasting of the mind and body to eliminate past conditioning and to begin on the path to purification and healing of both. Over time I was able to feel subtle sensations throughout my entire body, but it was the truth that was revealed to me through observation of intense pain that I found particularly astounding.


I experienced the pain in my legs, despite being in my most comfortable seated position. Over time the pain intensified and I became the dispassionate silent observer. I watched and watched concentrating on my respiration and after a while the pain changed form, and then disappeared. I found my self sitting in a position that was different to that which I was actually sitting. It was as though there was another being housed within my body. It was as though consciousness of the spirit within is only achieved through a state of equanimity. It was as though it appeared because I was able to experience with equanimity that which we term as good and that which we term as bad. It exists and can only experience its true self as part and parcel of the totality of two parts. It is spirit. It is the soul. If we remain in our higher state of being there is only peace and harmony. This equanimity is in fact the purest form of love. It is the higher being that resides within us all. It is the spirit of God.

It’s our experiences that give us our identity. It is the determinate for how we eventually define ourselves. When we come to the realisation that we are simply love, then we can make the highest choices for ourselves and attract all those things that do not harm us.

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