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Meditation 29 – A tree and it’s fruits

What is your doctrine for the achieving fulfilment of mind body and spirit? Is your remedy simply providing temporary unsustainable relief? Are you on the road to eradicating the root cause of the ailments of your mind, body and soul? What false prophet is at work in your life blocking your road to producing fruit in line with a purified mind body and spirit? The road to purification and the production of fruit in line with a spirit that is at peace, filled with joy and love has become like a medicinal solution that someone made freely available to all regardless of race, sex, location, age. This person made sure that there were absolutely no restrictions on who could access and take the medicine. Despite this the road to and the means of purification or fulfilment have become like a course of antibiotics prescribed by a doctor to assist us in fighting an infection. The dose has been set at three times a day, to be taken at regular intervals and it’s imperative that you complete the course.


In relation to this prescribed course of antibiotics it is generically possible to split everyone into three clear groups:


There are those who do not believe that a few small tablets will cure them or clear up their infection. These people don’t even bother to take the medicine, believing that they have lived with the illness so far and so they can live with the inconvenience a little longer. They are willing to wait until a more convenient means of curing their infection comes along. They are convinced that they have not got the time or the patience to adhere to the course’s regime.


Then there are those who start the course, but do not take it seriously, taking their medicine haphazardly and failing to complete the course. They may find that it appears that they have recovered, but in reality they have weakened their immune system and made themselves susceptible to the same illness recurring. They are like a patient whose decayed tooth is drilled in preparation for a filling, but refuses to allow the dentist to fill the vacant hole, leaving their nerves exposed.


Then lastly you have those who recognise that they have an infection and take their medicine as prescribed in accordance to the strict intervals and frequency of dose. The root cause of the infection is attacked, the body’s defences recover and they make a full recovery.


If you are not going to be of the latter group then you are like one who lives their life according to a false doctrine. You live and mingle in society so your ways have an impact on others and you become a false prophet one who cannot abide by the truth and yet thwarts the way of others finding and abiding by the truth for themselves.


You’ll find that because walking the path of truth is difficult you water down the word, find short-cuts, twist the meaning and use the word of God as a tool for satisfying your own ends. The departure from the truth may be so subtle that you may not even realise that you have departed from the narrow path and are walking in the middle of the wide road. You will not be able to produce fruit that is worthy of getting into the kingdom of heaven or of attaining purification and fulfilment.


Throughout our lives each one of us testifies to our inner truth. When we purify ourselves from within our testimony falls in line with God’s will for us to live in joy, peace and prosperity. What is your testimony?

People may think that they are using the correct remedies in their lives and that their lives fall in line with the will of our heavenly father, but there is a fine line between knocking, seeking and asking for the truth and satisfying our own desires.,

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