Peace 10

Meditation 8 – The ten commandments

Meditation 8 -The Ten Commandments

Without training your ears, eyes and heart to receive the truth the commandments sound like rules, regulations, restrictions, oppression, a yoke around our necks suppressing us from being who we want to be and from experiencing what we want to experience. In truth all God is saying is ‘WHO ARE YOU?’ And he is telling us who we are and who we are not. He was telling us that in truth we are all the qualities of love. However it is a truth that we must seek and search high and low to discover for ourselves.

In repentance and rest is your salvation; in quietness and trust is your strength.

Isaiah 30:15

Are you acting out of a place of love or fear? The bible refers to this as either having a spirit of God or a Spirit of the world. An egotistically fraught existence characterises the life of one acting out of a place of fear. They run from the past and are forever guarding against an unpredictable future. They arm themselves with military precision pre-empting the actions of others. They act out of guilt, doing what they think they ought to be doing to instil peace and harmony in the world around them, but the act will always be forced and therefore un-sustainable. Acting out of their own volition portraying humility, compassion and control based on having experienced ourselves to be pure love is totally alien to one who lives their life in fear. They fret and worry over tomorrow. They cannot abide the law of impermanence so they fight it clinging to keep things as they are or as they think they should be for as long as possible.

Diary entry 04.02.04

Human beings, being what we are, judge everything around us with our eyes. We walk around making snap judgements on everyone and everything. It takes time and practice to see things as they are not having any negative thoughts or opinions.

Fear encapsulates everything, we have pre-conceived notions of what we feel a situation or set of circumstances should produce and we live in fear that they will not produce what we expect. How do we know that what we expect of a particular situation is actually the best possible outcome for us in the short or long term?  If I could enter a situation, without any value judgements on anything I would enjoy the flow of NOW. Nothing would surprise, upset or disappoint because I would simply be dealing with the present moment of any circumstance that I encountered. I would be totally focused on the present complete and happy; not wanting, not wishing, nor fearing the repeat of past mistakes. I would be complete, wrapped up in the tranquillity and fragrance of the present. I would be all I could be now, serene, calm, happy and fulfilled.

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